3 Hard Hat Wearing Tips


  1. Choose High Number of Suspensions: A hard hat’s internal suspensions cushion the impact when hits occur. Choose a model with a high number of suspensions for more cushion incase of a fall or other collision.
  2. Always Wear on Worksite: Even if no work is currently happening on your worksite, never be without your hard hat, as there is always risk of falling objects.
  3. Color Coding: A great way to distinguish your hard hat from the rest is through color-coding.

Are you looking for quality hard hats to wear on your construction site? Tech Products Inc. offers great hard hats, at unbeatable prices, to keep you safe on the job.

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What is UL Testing?

5Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. is an independent safety science company with more than a century of testing expertise. They are dedicated to promoting safe living and working environments.

UL certifies, validates, tests, inspects, audits, advises and trains. UL has performed numerous durability tests on EVERLAST signs; for 30 years the signs were subjected to TV exposure, salt spray, vibration, abrasion, temperature variation, fumes and more… and we passed with flying colors!

UL testing showed no change in color or legibility of the signs. This means your EVERLAST signs will last a very long time, saving you both valuable work time and money. If you’re in the market for indestructible signs, look no further than Tech Products, Inc.’s and EVERLAST signs. We’ve got ‘em all!

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Preventative Worksite Measures:


You must take certain preventative measures to create a safe environment for both the employees of your worksite and the public who may walk past the worksite unprotected.

The most important thing you can do to protect your workers is provide them with safety gear and the proper safety instructions.

To protect regular people passing by you must put up signs warning them of the industrial worksite.

These signs have to be clearly posted around the work area, and it’s wise to purchase strong signs that can handle the wear tear of a worksite environment.

For amazing and indestructible worksite signs visit http://www.techproducts.com/

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Why Use a Bird Flight Diverter?


Birds can injure themselves easily on telephone wires. These injuries typically result from birds’ inabilities to distinguish the thin wires lying in their flight paths. Installing flight diverters, attached directly onto telephone wires, extends the thickness of the wire, making it easier for birds to spot and, thus, avoid.

Furthermore, bird droppings easily accumulate when birds perch on telephone wires. To reduce such litter on residential and business properties, try installing bird flight diverters. These flight diverters fool birds into flying higher than normal, so they do not perch onto said wires and litter nearby grounds with droppings.

Are you interested in installing bird diverters? Tech Products Inc. offers the bird diverters you need to protect birds, and your grounds, from telephone line mishaps.



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3 Reasons to Install Signs on Construction Sites


  1. Mark Health Hazardous: Some construction sites have invisible hazards like asbestos in their midst. Marking these areas with signs is a great way to keep workers and site visitors safe.
  2. Keep Non-Workers Out: Only authorized personnel should visit construction sites. Marking site entrances clearly is the best method for keeping unauthorized individuals out.
  3. Protect from Physical Dangers: Construction sites are constantly changing every day. All these moving parts can mean accidental falling items or hazardous shifting floors. Marking dangerous areas with signs is a great way to keep construction workers and site visitors aware of lurking dangers.

Would your construction site benefit from sign installation? Tech Products Inc. offers quality sign production and installation to keep your construction site safe.

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3 Reasons to Use Reflective Material on Signs


  1. Safety: A sign’s purpose is to communicate important information for maintained safety. However, that purpose falls to the wayside if sign visibility is compromised. Reflective signs, easily visible with headlight illumination, sustain visibility levels, for guaranteed safety.
  2. No Electricity Needed: While non-reflective signs require electrical illumination for nighttime visibility, signs constructed from reflective material can be illuminated easily by oncoming headlights, and therefore do not require added electricity.
  3. Save Money: Between increased installation costs and continuous energy flow, electrically lit signs can be expensive. Installing reflective signs thus cuts down on added energy costs to save money.

Are you interested in investing in a reflective sign? Tech Products Inc. makes high quality reflective signs for long lasting visibility no matter the time of day.

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Indestructible Worksite Signs:


An industrial or construction worksite requires signs that can stay strong in the face of potential heavy damage.

It is not unlikely that an accident will occur on your worksite that could easily destroy a sign and the cost of replacing these signs can add up over time.

As well a sign can simply get lightly damaged enough until it is unreadable. With enough wear and tear people passing by may be in danger because they couldn’t properly read the sign.

Get an indestructible sign for your worksite from http://www.techproducts.com/

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